I am pleased to offer a range of affordable solutions for individuals or business. The below services and packages are based on you already having a domain name and web-host in the same package. If you have a domain name and a hosting package but they are with different providers, it may take some time to link the two services together. I am still able to set up your site, but there may be some additional charge for this time prior to install and setup. Please contact me to discuss any upcoming projects!

Site Installation

Basic site installation
AU$ 250 from
  • Create MySQL Database
  • Create administrator account
  • Configue wp-config file
  • Run & Complete Installation
  • Add SSL Certificate
  • 1 day delivery
  • No pages or content created
  • No theme installed
  • Server setup additional

1 Page Website

Installation +
AU$ 1000 from
  • Home page created
  • Auto Scroll Menu
  • Choose from over 400 themes
  • Theme configured
  • Site email configured
  • Backup's configured
  • Stock Graphics Included
  • 3 day delivery
  • No Logo or custom graphics

3-5 Page Website

All the One page site options +
AU$ 2000 from
  • Home page created
  • Up to 4 additional pages
  • Sticky Header
  • Custom Footer
  • Custom Forms
  • Custom CSS
  • 5 day delivery
  • No Logo or custom graphics
  • Customer Supplies text

Complete Website

All the 3-5 page site options +
AU$ 5000 from
  • Custom Graphics
  • Logo Creation
  • Mailchimp Itegration
  • Advanced Forms
  • Multiple Menus
  • Custom CSS
  • Social Media Integration
  • Custom Marketing Plan
  • 10 day delivery


There are countless extras to enchance any site and grow your business – the two I am asked about most often are Membership sites and eCommerce sites. I can add either option to an exisiting WordPress build, or can include either as part of a fresh project.


Add membership options to your WordPress Website
AU$ 800 from
  • Restrict content per user
  • Restrict content per post or page
  • Offer paid memberships
  • Offer multi tiered memberships
  • Receive one-off payments
  • Offer paid subscriptions
  • Mail server integration
  • 5 day delivery
  • Theme setup (if required) additional


Turn your site into an e-store, and start selling online
AU$ 1000 from
  • Install WooCommerce
  • Setup payment gateway
  • Add first 3 products
  • Setup shipping
  • Configure shop emails
  • Configure shop pages
  • Configure back-end actions
  • 5 day delivery
  • Theme setup (if required) additional
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